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      Apologies in advance if this is discussed elsewhere, but I couldn’t find this info. Basically, the usage case is to design effects on the H90 via bluetooth from an iPad pro (2019), and I’ve only successfully connect via bluetooth a handful of times. Pairing the iPad to the H90 works fine, and when I connect the iPad to the H90 using the bluetooth icon on the top right of the control app, the corresponding blue light engages on the right side of the H90. [***troubleshooting note: connecting to the H90 from a PC via USB works fine pretty much every time.]

      At this point the bluetooth connect button is visible on the paired device icon in the app. [***troubleshooting note: when connected ‘in principle’ like this, if I turn off bluetooth off on the iPad the blue lights on the left and right of the H90 turn off as expected.]

      Now, following the ‘in principle’ connection, if I press the bluetooth connect button on the paired H90 image in the app, it occasionally connects correctly, but most usually it times out with the following connection error “Error communicating with H90 ‘XC-xxxxx’ device may not be ready”. [***troubleshooting note: now if I turn off bluetooth on the iPad, both blue lights on the H90 stay illuminated, and if I continue to play with bluetooth and re-connections the H90 will eventually lock up entirely.] Based on the above, I believe the issue to be something to the effect of the H90 bluetooth locking up or freezing when the iPad requests remote access.

      So far: I have repeated the pairing procedure many times after ‘forgetting’ the pair on both the iPad and H90; I have re-installed firmware; I have downgraded the firmware (similar issues on the earlier bluetooth firmware) and re-upgraded to the most recent firmware; and, I have tried all three startup sequences (Restore, Clear current state, and recovery mode). Nothing seems to resolve the connection issue.

      [***Note: I have NOT tried re-installing the bluetooth firmware which I expect to be the culprit, but the option is not obviously available anywhere.]

      I’ll need this kind of iPad-bluetooth connectivity for the H90 to be an effective tool in my workspace, so help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Following up for posterity. Although the H90 control software claims to be compatible with iPadOS v15 or higher, the issue was in fact the iPadOS. I moved from the most recent v15.8.2 to the latest from the v17 stream and the issue seems resolved!

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