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      1.I just got a H90 after owning a H9 Max since about 2015.  I’ve got 7 years of custom-programmed presets that I’d like to bring over to the H90.  I have figured out how to do one at a time in H90 Control.  But is there a way to do bulk import? I tried importing a list but that didn’t seem to do anything.  Or at least I couldn’t find where the presets were showing up?

      2. Is there a way to rename preset lists and program lists in H90 control?  Or I could delete lists and create new ones?  I would like to name things for projects/instruments.

      3. I was used to H9 Control so I opened H90 control without the H90 connected.  Not only did it crash, I couldn’t reopen it.  I had to delete and reinstall H90 control.  Running MacOS 13.3.1.  Especially since there’s no iOS app yet, it would be really nice to be able to open H90 Control without always having to have the H90 present, for instance, to set up setlists for a show.


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      1. You can import your H9 Preset lists by selecting the “Import List” option in the bottom left corner of H90 Control. You will need to select “Import H9 List”. Once you have done that, a new list will be created in H90 Control that included all of the Presets as new Programs with a THRU algorithm in the 2nd preset slot.

      2. There is a pencil icon in the bottom left of H90 Control that allows you to rename a list. You can also create new lists and copy or move Programs as needed.

      3. I’m not sure what the issue you had with H90 Crashing is. If there is no H90 connected, it should just show the home screen with no devices connected. H90 Control works in a fundamentally different way than H9 Control, and it is not possible for us to have a demo mode that allow for editing content without the H90 connected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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      Thanks for the fast reply.  It would be great to have a demo mode; that way I don’t have to edit preset lists in my practice space.  It’ll help once iOS apps come online too, I suppose.

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      Or at the very least enable Bluetooth so you don’t have to fiddle with your pedal board. My H90 is first row and it’s a pain getting the usb in – and no I don’t want to add a short extension…


      bluetooth please

      iOS please…



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