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      H90 Control keeps crashing constantly. As an old H9 user I still prefer using my PC screen 🙂


      • Go to preset library
      • Select an effect type
      • Select an algorithm, play
      • Select another algorithm etc.
      • At some point, when selecting an algorithm, it will crash : H90 control exits and I’m back to desktop.

      I’m using Windows 11, and the H90 is plugged into an USB 3 port on my PC (not using any USB hub).

      Firmware is 1.1.4.

      Any tips?



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      I had crashing issue on my h90 control app as well with windows 11 when going to the preset library and scrolling down through the list fast it would exit each time, however please get a hold of eventide support and they will help you! They helped me and I no longer have the crash.

      Email them at support@eventide.com

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      John Deschain

      I have the same issue.

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      I am getting repeated app crashes of H90 control after rapid scrolling also on Win 8.1.  Does support have a specific suggestion on this problem?

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      I am also getting the same. H90 Control either does not connect saying ‘Connection Timeout’ or crashes when moving through the programme list. Please advise.

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        When I have had Connection Timeout messages, I have solved the problem by rebooting my H90.  Restated, the problem seemed to be that my H90 wasn’t responding to the Control App.  One silver lining is that my H90 seems to remember exactly where I was every second; so I could continue on after reboot without other trouble.

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