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      I’m experiencing an unexpected behavior with preset overwrite in H90 Control.
      When editing an existing preset and trying to save it, I get a prompt to overwrite the preset, but even if I click ok I still end up with 2 presets with the same name.
      Not sure if this is by design or a maybe a bug.

      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Open an empty program.
      2. Load any factory preset to one of the slots.
      3. Save the program.
      4. Change a few parameters in the preset and save to the library as a new user preset, with a new name.
      5. Save the program again.
      6. Tweak the preset again and click ‘Save to Library’, but keep the same name as before. When you get the “Overwrite Preset X?” message, click ok.
      7. Now check the preset library and you should see 2 presets with the same name.

      H90 Control ver. 1.4.1
      H90 ver.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry for the late response, I didn’t see your post. This does seem like a bug and I can reproduce this, overwriting the preset should not create duplicates. We’ll look into a fix for this, thanks for reporting this and for your thorough instructions to reproduce the issue.

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        Hey, no problem.

        Thanks for looking into it!

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      Just wanted to report that I’m still experiencing this issue with version 1.7.1

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