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      Request a software update to allow moving and inserting either whole banks or programs by hold-down dragging or as a new option (insert mode) in the “…” button to left of program (which only has: copy, delete/initialize, import/export program which are “not implemented”)

      Without this option, I find it hard to cultivate new banks/programs and organize them, by dragging them up and inserting

      Even adding “insert bank” to the … button would be helpful to make a new bank available near the top of the list to painstakingly copy into from banks below.

      Also very annoying in perform mode to click on the bank title and have the edit keyboard pop up (ios), bank title edit mode should be harder to accidentally enter in perform mode, especially if hit while attempting to trigger a program.

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      I strongly agree… It is an “everyday task”… I am a bass player in a cover band and have the H90 as the main part of my board – love it! But having a new (great) sound and integrating it in some bank for the setlist ist really a hassle.

      Thanks for an update on this… good idea to allow inserting a whole bank… Everything to improve this is very welcome.

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      It’s come up before and I agree.  If possible, insert/move program and bank would make things mush easier when lists get past about 20 programs.   I have a couple of lists past 50 programs and one close to 100.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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