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      I noticed that when I run the H90 Control software on my MacBook Pro

      with the H90 connected via USB, I get this message :

      “Software Release Service Error

      Could not communicate with Eventide
      server https://services-

      The software works nicely, but the H90 doesn’t make any wet sound.

      The bypass work though.

      I need to unplug the power of the H90 stompbox and plug it in again to get a wet (effect) sound

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      The first error message you receive can happen if the computer you are using H90 Control with has no internet connection.

      I’m not understanding what you mean be the 2nd issue. H90 Control will always reflect the settings of the pedal, it will not change the way that the pedal processes audio when you connect.

      If you can provide more details about when your H90 will not output the effected sound, that would be helpful to troubleshoot your issue.

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