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      I have a Tech21 Midi Mouse controlling my H90 via standard 8 pin DIN midi cable (with index offset applied so the numbers match the H90 program numbers), and on occasion the Midi Mouse suddenly no longer controls the H90 -like the H90 wont page up or down from PC commands from the Midi Mouse -However -control is still available via the H90 itself and the H90 program is still affecting the output audio -so the unit is not totally locking up -a reboot of the H90 fixes this every time -which is why I suspect it’s on the H90 side -as the Midi Mouse is about a simple of a Program Change unit as there is.

      It doesn’t happen often (maybe 3-4 times total in the last 6 months) but it’s a bit terrifying as I don’t like pedals in front of me (except Midi Mouse and Tuner) and my H90 sits back at the amp out of site a bit  -so if the control goes dumb during a show even every once and a while it would be a disaster for me.

      Currently I am seeing this issue on Software Factory Pack OS Audio 1.875. Panel M:1.415

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      Apologies, I guess autocorrect added “video” in the title -there is no Video in any of this scenario of course.


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry for the issues you are having.

      We have not experienced this issue in our in house testing, and we haven’t had other users report this.

      Is the Tech 21 controller connected directly to the H90? Can you try using a different MIDI cable?

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      It is direct connected -and has occurred with 2 different brand new cables (one 3″ and one 12′)

      So I believe I can rule out cables.

      Is there a newer H90 firmware version I should move to?


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