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      Hi all

      The H90 may just be able to seriously clean up my pedal board. Question is, am I right in assuming that if I wanted to create a POG type polyphonic program with +1 octave, +2 octave, -1 octave and -2 octave I could do this be creating 2 x polyphonic pitch presets and running them together in parallel?

      As far as I can see the H90 polyphonic presets can only add two shifts, hence why I assume you need 2 presets to create 4 shifts.


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      That sounds like the way to do it.  Plus you can pan the 4 voices, and authentically apply detuning to just the +1 & +2 octaves.  Shame to use up both Preset slots for it, though.  Personally, I like a slot free for the POG attack or filter features.

      Octaves are usually pretty forgiving in the non-Polyphony algorithms.  I’ll often use PitchFuzz for 3 octaves, QuadraVox for four, with maybe the Omnipressor [DynaVerb] or another EF / Slow Gear-type effect upstream.

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      Thanks. Agreed, shame about using another slot as it’s probably a popular use case for the polyphony. Maybe they can one day enhance the algorithm.

      To be fair my Waza Tube Amp Expander handles reverb and delay these days and the POG effect tends to be big enough to not require too much else.

      Unfortunately I only have a Pitchfactor so don’t have the Max library. I agree that Octaves work surprisingly well with those stated algorithms on single notes. As expected, they do fall apart with chords.


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