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      You guy have done a lot with Pitch. You guys invented Custom Scales for every 12 notes and it is not in the H90.

      That should be at the top of the list to add. Other things to do:

      1) Make ten slots and can use ten algorithms and make effects drag and drop.

      2) Most use modelers like Axe Fx because you can have 15 or so block with algorithms. It is a nightmare to program on the unit. Thank God the editor is good.

      3) Take a look at Hotone Ampero 2 user interface and watch a YouTube video. That is user friendly and sounds good also.

      4) Watch your competitors at what they are doing better. They have everyone beat on user friendly and sounds great at only $500

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      Or maybe you should buy a different unit, since that seems to be what you want? Just a thought.

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      I like Eventide products and was reaching out to the Engineers who design.  Companies who listen to their users and keep up with what the competition is doing stays in business. I love the H90 but just wanting some improvements. People loved the H9 but the user interface was impossible live. They made a lot of good changes with that with the H90.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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