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      Borja Caro

      Hi, maybe someone from Eventide could tell if by any chance there’s (digital or analog) high pass filtering in either the outputs or inputs of the H90 for DC blocking and non audible frequency removal.

      Somehow irrelevant but I’ll explain why I wonder:

      I’m using a Sherman Filterbank II as an H90 insert effect, the chain ends on a recently bought Roland Jazz Chorus 40.

      I’m doing all the necessary line to High-Z conversions on the H90 routing options.

      The Sherman is known of producing frequencies under 10 hertz that could possibly harm the amp and I’m wondering if I should add a high-pass filter to the chain after the Sherman.

      Of course if there’s something blocking these frequencies inside the H90 I won’t need to add another piece of gear to my setup.

      Hope this makes sense and you can shed some light, couldn’t find anything on the manual but thought it’s worth to ask.

      All my best,




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      Eventide Staff

      The H90 does have DC-blocking filters in the hardware, but there is not much signal attenuation at 10 Hz.  If you need to reliably eliminate signals up to 10 Hz, I would suggest using a device that is dedicated to the task.

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      Borja Caro

      Okay, thanks for the reply!

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