H90 Dual Mode or Insert Mode? How are you connecting to your amp/amp pedal?

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      Hi folks. I’m using dual mode to connect to Tonex Pedal:

      • drive pedals into H90 input 1
      • mono out from output 1 to Tonex input
      • stereo out from Tonex into H90 inputs 3+4
      • stereo out from outputs 3+4 to rest of pedal chain

      This lets me put algos such as uni-vibe and tremolo on path 1 going into Tonex, and delay/reverb etc on path 2 after amp. I’m getting great results from this, not just with Tonex, but with UAFX amp pedals and in and out of a Princeton Reverb via a Two Notes Captor X box.

      My question is: What would be the advantages of using insert mode for this setup? I understand that I can add the Tonex as an insert and position before, after or between algos in series or parallel, so running Tonex in parallel with algos becomes an option. Anything else I’m missing?

      Grateful for your thoughts and info on how you are routing your gear.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi joaters,

      In addition to what you mentioned, another benefit to running your ToneX in Insert global routing mode is the ability to use the second insert loop of the H90 for another effect you can place anywhere in the chain. The main thing to be aware of when using an insert loop for an amp is that when you bypass a Program you’ll also be bypassing the loop that the amp is connected to inadvertently breaking the signal chain.

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      Thanks for the reply, joecozzi. Your info confirms that dual mode is likely the better option for me. I don’t need a second mono insert, and I do need an amp that doesn’t get bypassed with the Program.

      BTW Love that you Eventide folks are engaging with customers here. Other companies should take note!

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