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      Hey guys, I’m having an issue when I attempt to calibrate my Lehle dual expression pedal to the exp 1 input on my H90 with a standard TRS patch cable.

      I’ve tried both the 10k and 50k inputs on the Lehle. The 50k input seems to work best but the heel-toe functionality is the opposite of what I want it to be.

      My preference would be for the heel to be represent the minimum value while the toe represents the maximum value. For whatever reason, they are the opposite and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it.

      (Also weird) When I’m in the global settings menu and go to I/O section followed by the Exp & Aux page and I use the calibration function, the calibration still shows as being “off” even though I literally just calibrated it.

      Any advice or help would be much appreciated! Thanks

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      Hi johnkbrock,

      It’s recommended to use an expression pedal with a 10K pot for best performance. It may be the case that the 10K output is not configured properly, as this output can be set momentary or latching and also have its polarity reversed. You should consult the Lehle manual on page 9 to see all the modes and make sure it’s configured correctly. The bottom of the pedal features soft buttons that configure the different modes.

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