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      Do you know if its possible to used an expression as a pre-fader global volume even if both programs are turned off?

      I use the expression pedal mostly to be my main volume control. I make swells and that type of stuff with it and I also control my global level during gigs. I like it to be pre-fader because I need the tails of the reverb/delay to decay naturally even if I turn the guitar volume down. But when I’m not using the reverb or the delay I also use the expression pedal to control my volume.

      do you guys think this is possible with the H90?

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      First, the easier part.  Set Tails On everywhere.  That will keep your effects decaying naturally.  It can be a special effect in it own right, with active swells using [P] In Gain.

      Disclaimer #1 –  I don’t use Global much with an expression pedal. MIDI & Aux?  More often.  I could be wrong, but I haven’t found a way to carve out a specific range of the target parameter internally.  So, a steady foot to hold on a parked position, plus steady physical pedal.

      Or – for the example below – you might suddenly find yourself in +12.0 dB boost territory.

      Disclaimer #2So far, I haven’t found a method to fulfill your Bypassed requirement, except for one workaround.  And I don’t know if you’re going to like it …

      I’m not saying there isn’t another way, but here is what I came up with, after trying out a few things.  Enter System settings – Global – dial Quick knob 1 to [P] In Gain – exit.  The caveat is … (P) Mix has to be at 100%.  You’d have to re-Save your Programs with that.  I haven’t tried everything, so my concern is that …

      Disclaimer #3Your “dry tone” may end up with some degree of coloration.

      In any case, here is a link for the Global Mapping chart.  I’ve been testing out some combinations of Mix parameters, In Gains & Out Gains for both (P) Program and the (A) + (B) Preset parameters ganged together.


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