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      The current compressor/EQ combo is nice but it lacks a lot of control. A dedicated compressor with all the fun parameters (attack, release, threshold, ratio, gain, knee) would allow more possibilities. To make it complete, I’d love to see sidechaining from an external source. Especially in electronic music this can help a lot to manage frequencies and to add groove. Since the H90 has versatile connectivity, we could go all in with the sidechain sources:

      • audio via audio in
      • audio via CTL in
      • CV via CTL in
      • gate/trigger via CTL in
      • MIDI notes via USB/DIN MIDI

      The cherry on top would be key filtering for audio type sidechain sources to react on transients or sub if there’s a more complex audio source.

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      Cool idea.  My thought was repurposing Inserts for the sidechain.  Compression parameters are widely misunderstood, so I’m not sure of the universal appeal here, but your request has my vote (FWIW).

      You’ll get a little closer to your ideal (but not quite there) with the Omnipressor mode in DynaVerb.

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      I was thinking about sidechain as a general routing feature, i.e. as an alternative to Series and Parallel, you could choose Preset B to side chain Preset A. For example: for HeadSpace in Preset A, the output of the playback heads gets routed to Preset B before coming back in on the record head. You could also put the Insert(s) into the sidechain routing, for example have a Reverb Preset A on the mains and mix it with Insert 1 to drive the Compressor in Preset B’s attenuation. Obviously sidechain would not make sense in every algorithm, which might require some handling in the UX, but there are so many cool possibilities here.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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