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      Here’s a couple of requests regarding the hot switch functionality:

      1: let us copy hotswitch settings from one hotswitch to another. This is necessary because at present you can’t map preset-specific functions to another switch besides the one for that preset. So if you have hs2 set up the way you like it, and you later decide that you need the preset A switch to trigger something else besides hs2, it would be good to be able to copy the hs2 settings to hs1 or hs3.

      2: Right now if you select a momentary hotswitch and let it go, it reverts to the base program settings. It would be nice to have an option to revert to the last selected settings (e.g. the program settings or another one of the hotswitch settings). Right now I have a program where I’m using the hs2 settings a lot, and I have hs3 set to momentary. It would be good to make it so that if I am in hs2 before I step on hs3, that when I let off of hs3 it would revert back to hs2.

      Hope that all makes sense!

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