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      (Minor) UI suggestions for selecting presets:

      1. When selecting presets from the library, the three hotknobs should act as independent filters. For example, currently the first knob is for all/user/factory and changing that resets the other two knobs, so if you had already selected “Wormhole” and changed from user to factory, it resets both the type and the algorithm filters (and you’d have to scroll through the entire list again). Or, since the first parameter does affect the other two (if you are on “user” only algorithms that have been edited appear), keep the place in the algorithm list, or next closest.

      2. Algorithm lists should circle around instead of stopping at the end of the alphabet. Currently: All ….(scroll clockwise) Wormhole. Proposed: All … (scroll clockwise) Wormhole (scroll clockwise back to start of list) All … etc.


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