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      1. Ability to pan individual algorithms/inserts in the routing/insert menu.

      This one seems like lowhanging fruit, although I have no idea how easy it actually will be to implement.

      2. A simple EQ module that lives in the routing/insert menu in addition to the algorithms and inserts (to clarify i mean that these should be able to run at the same time as two algorithms and inserts are used) . One band with selectable LP/HP/Lowshelf/Highshelf/Peak/Tilt, gain, steepness 6 to 24db (for filters, but would also be nice for shelves and peak) and Q.

      This one would be very helpfull in a number of scenarios.

      Some examples would be to cut unwanted lowend or highend from pitch effects, Tame or exaggerate resonances, facilitate changing between a single coil and a humbucker guitar without touching your amps settings, midboost for solos, and of course countless other creative possibilities.

      Ideally it should be possible to insert at least two of these EQ modules. Four would be great!


      I hope the developers will consider this FR.

      I believe many people would benefit from these additions.

      And thank you for a great product!

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      Eventide Staff


      Thanks for your requests and glad to hear you are enjoying the H90! I have passed these ideas along to the developers.

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      Second that! This would be amazing and would save extra pedals.

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