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      Respectfully, something to forward to the developers for future consideration:  Pitch Bend and/or (Channel) Aftertouch control support over the H90 parameters. For the keyboardists / multi-instrumentalists among us.  The H90 is so full-featured & deep, I can’t help but apply it in my synthesis chains***.

      I got awfully used to the double-precision PitchBend (12 bit?) implementation in my H9s (still using all three), as well as the PitchFactor.  Yes, it’s a little tricky to nail exact return-to-center in the pitch parameters.  And PB, along with Channel AfterTouch, is a lot to add to any serial MIDI stream.  High potential for clogging it up, although Poly AT would be even more high-maintenance, in this respect.

      I, like many I suspect, are looking ahead to MIDI 2.0, and toying with current MPE tactics.  Even a partial implementation would be a step in the right direction.  Now, I would be the last one who would like to see a huge chunk carved out of (what seems to be) the H90’s power in reserve.

      But … it just seems like a no-brainer to add some features that pull in the keyboard-centric crowd.  And I didn’t even ask about MIDI Note support!  PitchBend alone seems to be a great place to start, for a ‘harmonizer’.  Something to think about.  Thanks.


      *** No affiliation, but some great problem-solving products:  MIDI Solutions.  I currently use an Event Processor (Plus) under the ‘board to remap unsupported MIDI messages to CCs.  It works.  For you ITB users with a connected MIDI KB, some kind of ‘munge’ plugin / application will get you to the same place.

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