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      Hello everyone,

      I’m trying to get the best sound possible with H90 + IR-x. I’m not using an amp, just these two pedals.

      I’m using insert mode.

      IRx also has send/return. But it looks like something is missing.

      I would like to get the result shown in this video:


      Is this the best possible routing?

      Guitar -> H90 In 1

      H90 Out 1 -> IR-x Input

      H90 Out 3 -> IR-x Send

      IRx Return -> H90 In 3

      IRx Balanced Out -> Speakers.

      Thank you very much!


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      You need to think about your signal flow and it’s chain…

      You are going into the H90 input, out 1 to IRX in …. so far so good ….. You then have th eH90 out 3 going into the IRX SEND – that is an out going onto an out. It will NOT work this way. Then you have an IN going into an In. The IRX Return is to have a signal ‘Returnng’ into it.

      I would place the IRX in the H90 loop and then you can place it anywhere in the H90s signal chain. Follow the instructions on the manual for adding a mono effect into a loop.

      Cheers, <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>Jim</span>


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      … So you would connect it all like this:


      <i>Guitar →  H90 Input 1</i>

      H90 output 3 → IRX input

      IRX output → H90 input 3

      H90 output 1 to FRFR/ desk/ amp ..


      The IRX send does not have an IR on it so it will sound bad. The output does.

      With the connections above and with the H90 set to insert mode, you can put the IRX anywhere in the signal chain.

      Simples INNIT!  You must think about signal flow.  Your connection above has outputs running into outputs ….. No signal flow.




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      You have helped a lot.

      I didn’t realise that SEND and RETURN from IR-x didn’t have IR.

      Now it sounds great, as expected!


      Thank you so much!

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