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      I’m looking to use the H90 (got it on Friday) as an effects send from a mixer, so I need it to be 100% wet with all the presets.

      As it stands, it seems that “Kill Dry” certainly turns off all dry signals– this is great, but I still have to increase the Programs/Algs to 100% Wet individually.

      This effectively increases the effects’ loudness.


      Any ideas, or did I miss something?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi soundsubs, that is correct. That’s the way kill dry works, it simply removes the dry signal from the mix. It is necessary to make adjustments based on your needs, so manually adjusting your presets’ Mix to 100% might be necessary. Because the H90 doesn’t know how you’re going to use it, it lets you decide how to manage levels.

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      Alright– thanks for the answer, and the GREAT product.

      I’d love to make this a “feature request” if possible, for people who want to use this as a studio effect.

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