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      Hello @all, my new H90 arrived today. After sometimes the complete unit hangs and I only hear my amp1. Complete control of the H90 also get lost. Only reboot helps for minutes, then it again hangs. I have reseted the unit and also updated the Firmware to 1.0.4. I also removed the loop cables for the Fx loop to the amp1 and also all midi cables. Same Setup like my ‘old’ H9.


      Is this a hardware problem? Known bug?


      Please help.


      Thanks and Greetings,


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      Eventide Staff

      Eventide will take care of you. 💯. Please send an email to support@eventide.com explaining the behavior. Unfortunately, due to the holiday, we cannot get a unit out to you until Monday, but we got you.

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      Thanks a lot eventide. I wrote the Email.


      Have nice holidays.


      Greetings from germany.

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