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      I just moved to an H90 as a longtime Timefactor user. I’m really loving the flexibility and user interface of the H90. But, I’m having an issue w/ the Headspace algorithm. No matter what I do, there’s a significant volume jump when I engage the effect. To troubleshoot, I turned the mix all the way down and still got a volume jump when engaging it. I have to decrease the output gain to -4.0 to get somewhere close to unity. As the mix was increased I had to counteract the steady rise in volume by further decreasing the output gain. I don’t have this issue with any of the other delay algorithms. They all stay at 0 for both input and output gain. I also don’t use high mix settings for delay. I’m between 25%-35% the majority of the time. Anyone have any ideas? I’m using it in the effects loops (5 cable method) of two Friedman 20-watters.

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      Eventide Staff


      I’ve just responded to your support ticket with this same issue. We can continue troubleshooting there.

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        Hey, just saw that. I replied. Thank you!

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      I’m sure ET will chime in with a fuller explanation but in the meantime:

      HeadSpace had four heads and they all add to the overall volume of the output.  I experimented with little to no delay time (I was specifically exploring the rec drive feature) and had the same trouble as you.  To solve my problem I turned the individual head levels down and/or used fewer heads.   I expect this is less of a problem with longer delay times.

      Also note that the point of maximum volume on the MIX control of most H9 algos is about 2 o’clock (50).  Based on experimentation, I believe that is also true of  HeadSpace (about 7 on the HS MIX control).


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        Thanks for the reply. I’m typically using a delay time of at least 800ms w/ this algorithm. And I tested it with the mix at 0 and am still getting the volume jump. Eventide has been really responsive via email so I’m hopeful we’ll figure it out. I went ahead and posted here in hopes that I’m not the only one with this experience.

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