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      Ok here’s the game plan. I have been running my volume pedal into the front end of my pedalboard (pre-dirt) primarily for volume control and ambient textures. My personal preference is to run the VP after dirt and before time-based effects so I can get linear breakup into delay/verbs.

      I have been able to map my expression pedal successfully to the Global Program Out Gain parameter. This however isn’t really a functional option because when set as a Global Out controller you can’t set the dB range in the sweep. It’s -60db to +12db … instead of 0dB. It doesn’t matter if you set a limit in a program as it’ll override that and boost up to +12d.

      How can I set this up effectively so I can use the EXP pedal for global volume without having to go and manually set each program?


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      Nobody? Is this not possible at the moment?

      It would seem odd if there’s no way to control the expression range on global parameters.

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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry for the late response, I didn’t see your initial post.

      As you have found, there is currently no way to map the range on global parameters. If you need a specific range for the output gain, you’ll need to map it for each Program.

      We may look into a way to improve this in a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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        Thanks for circling back on this. Yes please the ability to map EXP values for global parameters would be very useful.

        In the interim, I’ll have to manage this per program.

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