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      Is it possible to have the H90 ignore only MIDI program change info and respond to other midi info? I play wind synths and want to have breath control mapped to some H90 parameters but dont want it changing programs on me when I send PC messages to my synth.

      I appreciate any info


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      Eventide Staff

      The normal way to make this possible is to assign each device to its own MIDI channel and only send CC or PC numbers on the channel for the device you want to control.

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      Thanks for the help!

      My DIN MIDI setup is wind controller –> hardware synths (that require PC and CC) –> H90.

      So you’re saying send MIDI to hardware synths on channel 1 (PC and CC) and the H90 on channel 2 (CC only)? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the proper configuration but my controller cant do that.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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