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      Hi there !

      I bought 2 H90 (want to use them in series using 4 effects) … just unpacked and connected to my ENGL FX loop …

      Someone here use it in the same way ? What about your settings ?

      It seems (if you turn on / off the FX loop) that even in “bypass” (THRU preset) at 0.0 dB the H90 “colors” the sound … what’s your opinion about it ?

      I would like to have the right input / output levels and have the same amp sound when in “thru” mode …

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi lukethemore, which ENGL amp do you have? Most have a parallel effects loop, while some models offer serial or parallel. Assuming you’re using something like a Fireball, which features a parallel loop with a dry/wet balance knob, you must run the H90 in Kill Dry mode. I would also set the connections from your effects loop to your pedal to line level. Parallel loops require a little more work setting them up because the amp forces the dry signal to always be maintained outside of any effects processor. This will require you to go into the H90’s programs (after you switch to kill dry mode) and adjust levels appropriately for the right balance. Depending on where you set the amp’s balance control, you’ll have to adjust the Mix/Intensity controls in each program to taste. I would experiment with starting with the Balance control at 50% and adjusting the H90 Programs levels accordingly. On a per Program basis, you cannot change the amp’s balance control, but you can on the H90.

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      Hi Joe … I’m using the Steve Morse model (E656).

      I turned the knob to 100% (SERIAL mode) so I send all the signal thru the H90 (same thing that I did with my old H9s).

      I already set up the options to “line”.

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      my fault … I have a technical problem with my FX loop !


      with channel 2 and channel 3 I have this issue … I don’t have it with channel 1

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