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      Hello all

      I’ve been using hotsawz and a delay to create a ‘pad’ of synth sound, and would like to sustain that pad indefinitely as I switch to a new preset. Although I have set the unit to trail between the presets, the trail cuts off abruptly after about 10 seconds. Is there a way to increase the length that the trails last after switching away from the preset that created it? Thanks always for all the help! ~BenG

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi BenG,

      Enter System settings > Global > Spillover can be adjusted up to 30 seconds.

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      That’s going to be a tricky one, BenG, for a number of reasons.  HotSawz does have Gate Sustain, but you can modulate the levels for up to 6 seconds (Attack + Decay).  It also has an envelope follower, but it’s going to ‘drop off’ when your input reaches a certain threshold.

      Some algorithms (especially reverbs) allow you to freeze, but ‘indefinitely’ often depends on the structure, modulation, EQ …  You can easily create pads using H90 reverbs, though.

      The newer pitch algorithms dedicate a Performance Switch to FREEZE, but I honestly don’t know how that might hold up through a Preset change.

      Just speculation, I don’t know if this would work.  I’m thinking along the lines of 2 two-part Programs.  Preset A being the part you change in both Programs, in series with Preset B being the same for both Programs.

      Something would have to ‘excite’ Preset B through the Program change.  As a start, I would try a reverb with an INF decay.  It might ‘survive’ a Preset switch; it might not.

      I built an ‘infinite sustain’ Program out of two reverbs, quite a while back.  I’ll see how that reacts in the scenario you’re describing.

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