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      With the new feature to keep the insert active even with the preset off, a true wet/dry rig using the H90 as the split is now feasable.

      My question is, with the preset off (insert still active) does the insert go through any ad/da conversion? I have tried it, and with the H90 in true bypass (relay) mode, the insert sounds the same (with the preset on or bypassed)

      Does anybody know if there us any ad/da conversion happening? It doesn’t sound like it.

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      Update. Signal still goes through buffered bypass and not relay, so conversion is present in insert.

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      Yeah, for sure it still goes through ADDA cos I can still hear/feel the latency, unfortunately.

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      How much latency do inserts add exactly? Not including the inserted pedal!

      In the manual it says Input -> Parallel -> Output = 3.8ms, Input -> Series -> Output = 4.5ms.

      Does that mean that each Preset takes 0.7ms (in series) and therefore an empty lane, meaning just ADDA takes 3.1ms? Calculated like this: A/D=1.55ms + Preset A=0.7ms + Preset B=0.7ms + D/A=1.55ms

      If that is the case, I guess using 1 insert would add 3.1ms. But would a second insert then add another 3.1ms when routed in series? Or does it stay at 3.1ms regardless?

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        Eventide Staff

        Each insert adds 3.8 ms of latency, plus any additional latency compensation specified in the Insert setting. Two Inserts in series will add about 7.6 ms.

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      Not the answer I wanted to hear but thanks for the clarification!

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