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      My H90 locked up in startup with a bunch of crazy characters on the screen a few days after updating to 1.7.1 which was a bummer.

      BUT the silver lining was that I was very impressed with the Recovery Mode option and how I could roll back to a previous firmware without losing any programs on the unit. A very nice surprise as it was both easy to do and kept programs in the memory, even though they required the Polysynth algorithm.


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      Scratch that. It’s good and bricked. Unable to install anything from Recovery Mode. Unable to perform factory reset. Actually panics my Mac mini and crashed my computer to the point of restart whenever I try to install any firmware from recovery mode.

      Likely won’t get any support until the new year. Unit was working fine for a few days after 1.7.1 update then today, crazy random and partial characters across the bottom of the screen. Managed to install previous firmware once from recover mode then when I tried to update back to current beta, just frozen on Eventide screen. Left it for a couple hours actually, no change.

      Was planning to spend the holiday programming. Now I just want to fix it and sell it. Screw this.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi there-

      Sorry to hear you’re having issues.  It sounds like something is going wrong during the software update process – with the pedal booted into Recovery Mode, you should see a mass storage drive called “H90 Pedal” appear on your Mac.  Try removing whatever files are on there, emptying your computer’s trash, and then re-try the Recovery Mode software installation.  Also be sure that you’ve enabled permission to access removable volumes from H90 Control in your security settings on the Mac (System Settings > Privacy & Security > Files and Folders > H90 Control > Removable Volumes).  Let me know if that helps.

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      Eventide support for the win. That had me very frustrated but the fix turned out to be very easy and I am back in business. Still a little spooked because the initial issue was simply a result of powering up the unit, not the update process but – very pleased I received support over the holiday and salvaged some time to program during my break.

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      my h90 wont start the screen is black

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