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      I’ve been trying to figure out how to map the looper controls (play / dub / stop) to the three on-board switches, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do so.

      I have it set up to work with an AUX switch (and the one-button looper is there as a backup), but I’d like to simply map the play / dub / stop functions to the P / A / B buttons, respectively (under Perform page 1 or Perform page 2).

      I’d imagine it involves mapping Play to HS1 and assigning HS1 to the P button, Dub to HS2 and HS2 to A, etc etc, but I haven’t been able to actually do it. Also possible is that I am missing something, and please forgive me if I’m still not grasping a fundamental aspect of the H90 control.

      For example, I may well be confusing/conflating hotswitches and performance parameters.

      I’ve had no issue setting up a 3-button AUX switch for this functionality, but I’m only using the external switch for looping control, and it’d be nice to cull it from the setup.

      Also worth noting that I tend to do 95% of editing on the pedal, so there may be a way to do this in H90 control that I didn’t come across.

      Thanks for any insight!




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      The Performance parameters [Record, Play, Stop, Empty, Undo/Redo (and the ‘missing’ functions from the TimeFactor / H9)] are only going to be available in the Preset where the Looper is loaded [A or B].  Really, you need those Aux switches or MIDI to get full functionality out of the Looper.

      The HotSwitches live in a parallel universe.  You can map all three to specific parameters inside a single Preset.  I often edit onboard, too.  In this case, it will be much easier to see the overall picture of HotSwitch programming in H90 Control.

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        Thanks. Nice to know that I wasn’t totally missing/misunderstanding things. It’s a bit frustrating (“there are switches *right there*!”) but it makes sense, given the preset+switch relationships.

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