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      Hi there,

      I facing some trouble to “simply” just change program on the H90.

      Here is my setup. The genuine Ftw of the trinity is connect to the Trinity Head, midi cable from the trinity (Thru) to the H90 (In).

      The genuine ftw is configured to work in preset mode, it changes well the preset on the trinity but it seems that nothing happen on the h90. H90 is set on Omni, trinity on channel 1.

      Is there something I did wrong ?

      Thanks for you help

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      Eventide Staff

      How do you know for sure the Trinity is sending PC messages out of the THRU connector on the back? Do you have a way of monitoring that? Does it work with other MIDI capable devices?

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      Hi there,

      You spot the point, I check with Pierangelo (Mezzabarba owner) and the Trinity Ftw doesn’t send midi message to the trinity head. So I have to use a midi footcontroler.

      Thanks 🙂

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