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      The H90 doubled the algo capability of the H9.  You’d think that the upgrade would make me less concerned with squeezing every last drop out of every preset.  Unfortunately, it has not.

      Here, I find that I wish I could squeeze more out of MicroPitch (which has both detune and dual delay).  I find that detune is perfect with “mix” somewhere between 30 and 50.  In my experience, delay times up to about 100 ms are also fine with the mix set this high.  Factory preset Chorus Room is great example of the success of this design.

      By contrast, with the dual delay set for time greater than about 200 ms, the mix often seems to be right somewhere between about 15 and 25.  Set with the mix this low, however, detune sounds weak.

      So, when longer delays levels are right, the detune is anemic.  Also, when the detune level is right, longer delays are intrusive.

      I note that, most of the H9 MicroPitch factory presets seems to use either detune or long delays, but not both.

      So, I’d like to request that MicroPitch have an added “Detune Level” control.   I believe that would be enough to independently control the delay and detune levels.  As a result, this algo would be better capable of delivering detune at all delay times.

      Incidentally, I believe Harmodulator could also be improved for the same reason in the same way.

      Thanks for considering this and for making great products.

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      Great suggestion. MP is my favorite algo!

      I’d actually love to see the ‘Expert’ parameters from the H9000 ported to the H90. They include separate Level, Feedback and Pan controls for each delay line, as well as separate detune levels for each side. IMO this will bring the MP algo to its full potential on the H90.

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        Wow!  Yeah, those expert parameter would be even better.

        Thinking more about this, it seems ModEchoVerb could use an echo level control too.

        Do you know if there are expert mode parameters for that too?




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      @apalazzolo, I’m pretty sure that ModEchoVerb is the same algo on the H90 and H9000, no additional controls there. I never really used it on my H90, I need to explore it a bit.

      Oh, and just wanted to add that the MP Expert parameters also include separate pan controls for each detune side, which is pretty great.

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      Eventide Staff

      To clarify, the H9000 has an algorithm called “H3000 Micropitch” which is essentially a collection of greatest hits presets from the H3000. This does have some expert parameters and more fine tuning for the delay and pitch controls, but it’s not the same as the H9 and H90 Micropitch algorithm.


      I will log your suggestion for separate mix controls for Micropitch and ModEchoVerb, good idea.

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      Huh, thanks for clarifying. I always assumed that they are all based on the same algorithm…

      The ‘H3000 MicroPitch’ algo on the H9000 sounds phenomenal!

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