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      I have the MC8 directly connected to the H90.

      on the H90:

      in system I set the Temp to (midi clock) and MIDI through, Omni Off, Clock source (din)


      on the MC8

      I have a switch set to Press / Tap Tempo

      The mc8 shows the tempo but no change on the h90

      what am I doing wrong ?

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      Eventide Staff

      Is the preset you’re trying to control set to Tempo Sync? Check out this video to learn how to do that: https://youtu.be/tfd3wQHzxcA?t=134&si=9o2cpI_EQ8MmCWmt

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      I am having the same issue I updated H90this morning to 1.7.1 and the MIDI clock is not reading the Morningstar mc6 pro nor is it receiving tap tempo commands from the controller. It worked yesterday with the old firmware. The h90 is set to MIDI clock and I watched the video and my presets have the metronome on the screen. Help

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