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      Should the H90 be able to receive MIDI over USB?  I’m using a Morningstar MC8, which can send via either standard 5-pin MIDI or USB.  If I send a PC message over the 5-pin it works, but over USB I get nothing.  Is this something that just isn’t implemented yet?  5-pin cables are extremely bulky and I’d much prefer to be able to use USB.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello radiation360,

      Yes, the H90 can receive MIDI messages via USB so long as the MIDI controller is acting as a USB Host device. The Morningstar MC8 is NOT a USB host device like the new MC6 Pro is. This may be the source of the problem.

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      Well that’s a bummer (about the MC8), but thanks for the clear response – looks like I’ll have to replace my under-board hub.

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      Same here with Blackstar live logic controller. Does not work via USB.

      Is this the same problem?

      If yes… someone can recommend a controller for less money?

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