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      When Sending MIDI PC# to H90… the Program number in the H90 is offset by -1. This would indicate that the program numbers on the H90 start at Zero as opposed to 1.

      I must send PC# 5 to select PROGRAM 4 on the H90. Is there anyway to midi map PROGRAM CHANGE numbers?

      Looked through SYSTEM page in H90 Control… Didn’t see any way to MIDI MAP program numbers or correct for this offset.

      Thanx in advance!

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      From an earlier reply by Eventide:

      “The H90 sends and receives PC messages using PC numbers 1-99 (ignoring 0). Depending on the other device, this may offset the PC numbers by 1. We plan on adding a feature to offset the numbers on the H90 to match up with other devices.”

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      That Answers that… Thanx Brock!

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