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      Hi all, not sure if I can do this – reverb decay can be set to a range via midi  or expression pedal but can I send a cc command to toggle between say a short decay and infinite or short decay and freeze?

      I’d use an MC6 Pro to do this, so just want to press a button to swap between decay states.

      Any help appreciated!


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      So, maybe answering my own question!

      send a CC number with a value of say 127 goes to freeze, 10, goes to a short decay and 120 or so does infinite? Like positions in an expression pedal sweep.

      I can’t test this for a few days as I don’t have my H90 with me – thought experiments only!

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        Your mental diagnostics are sound.  I’ll try to report back in with some exact CC values, but I have the feeling that is going to be reverb-dependent (variable per the selected algorithm).  The areas for subjectively ‘short decay’ are often in a narrow range of values.  And there are also differing lengths of maximum (sometimes minimum) Decay lengths.  Shouldn’t affect the Infinite & Freeze CC values all that much.

        One great thing about the MC6 Pro is the vast number of options available for CC control.  Very powerful: CC Value Scroll, LFO, Step Sequencer …out any kind of port.  Try a Press & Release Action Type switching, for the path I think you’re headed in.  CC values from a mid-size reverb Decay to INF/Freeze.  You can ‘sample’ the reverb, hold the INF/Freeze on it, then smoothy decay out of it upon release.  It’s a versatile performance technique.

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      @brock – hey that sounds like it will work with a bit of experimentation, thanks so much. I won’t be able to test anything out until next week but if you find some cc values that would fab!

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      @brock. Managed to experiment this afternoon, and it works with CC values at around 100 for Infinite and 108 for Freeze.

      However, it’s not consistent across all reverb types, so can vary a bit!

      I think it depends on how long the decay is per reverb before it switches to Infinite.



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        Thanks, I never did finish up a ‘definitive’ reverb CC chart.  Yes, they are all slightly different, depending on the algorithm.  But what I did focus on was an easier route to use for diagnostics in the MC6 Pro.

        • Basically a variation on the MPX-1 “Knob” or Novation “Step” switching.
        • Use CC Value Scroll to step through 16 values.  Increase & Send one Step per switch Press.
        • Program the 6 switches in a Bank to cover 16 values each (0-15; 16-31; 32-47 …).
        • Two more Presets in a 2nd Bank to cover all the possibilities (…96-111; 112-127).
        • Of course, with the CC Number mapped to your H90 target parameter (most often Decay, in this scenario).

        That way, you can zoom in on the exact CC value brings you to the next “zone”.  In your particular experiment, probably any value 100-107 will hit INFINITE; 108-127 will FREEZE.

        With many of the H90’s non-continuous parameters (less than 128 discrete positions), any CC value within a small range will give you the desired result.

        A MIDI Monitor will be your best friend here.  Any one will do; readout in decimal might be more forgiving than hex.  I assume you’re using the Morningstar Editor app.  There’s a linked online MIDI Monitor there.

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