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      Hi all,

      I’m reconfiguring my pedalboard, and I’m having some challenges getting my H90 to both act as a MIDI clock source (via tap tempo), as well as allowing the H90 to pass PC and CC messages through to other midi devices further down the chain.  Right now if I set the midi output mode to thru it will send messages through, but won’t transmit the tap tempo.  If I set it to “transmit” it will send the tap tempo but won’t transmit messages.

      Is there some way to do both?  Or is this some technical issue with the midi protocol that prevents both from happening at once?


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      The current MIDI implementation on the H90 is it can either pass thru MIDI information, or transmit MIDI information, it cannot do both.

      I would suggest that you either:

      1. Set the H90 to transmit and use the H90 as the clock source and also use it for sending PC and CC messages. OR
      2. Set the H90 to thru and us another device before the H90 as the clock source and PC/CC controller.
Viewing 1 reply thread
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