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      When in Perform Mode, turning the Select knob toggles the page of footswitch controls.    Is there a way to map a MIDI CC to perform this same function with an external controller?     I went through the Global Mapping Chart and couldn’t find anything that seems to do this.


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      Hello emarinko,

      Toggling Perform switch pages is not mappable. Nonetheless, consecutive presses of the Perform knob on the H90 toggles between both pages of three assignments. Moreover, it is possible to map all six performance switches to buttons on your controller.

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      Thanks for the quick reply.    That’s good to know.   I think I’m just a little apprehensive about using the Perform knob like a footswitch over the long run.   It’s a minor thing I guess, but It’d be cool if sending multiple Perform Mode commands would toggle the page like the physical button does.   My controller footswitches are already spoken for save for an available secondary function on one.

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