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      Hello I ve been using H90 for a week now, still finding a best way to dial out the balance ,  here’s a thing i found out

      at the P mix if you bring down to 40ish the overall Vol will increase like 4-5dbs which i feel it get more attack on playing

      (i do put P at max on synth and some other ambience style setting)

      and i usually put it around there, and A B effect mix will depends on my setting in general delay /reverb / mod stuff

      is anyone here are using P always on 100 and adjust mix just from A and B ? or like what i did ?


      thank you





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      I have the same problem. I think it’s a bug in the software. Other users have reported similar issues with levels, but no real response so far from eventide as far as I can tell.



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      Eventide Staff

      When the Program mix parameter is at 50%, the Mix of the Wet and Dry signals are both at 100%. Adjusting the parameter in either direction reduces the volume of the Wet or Dry signal.

      There are many ways you can adjust the mix of either your Program or Presets, there is no right way to determine how it will work for a given user’s setup. If you’d like to use the P Mix at 50% you can try using kill dry for your Presets. This will make it so the Dry signal is preserved using the Program mix, and the Wet levels of Preset A and B can be adjusted using the Preset A and B Mix level.

      All of the Factory Programs were created with a P Mix level of 100%, so if you change this to 50% you may need to adjust other parameters in the Programs to work with your setup.

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      Yes, this is exactly what I expected would be the case when I commented on the problem in another thread.

      However, this is not the intuitively expected behaviour. It would be expected that the total output volume would remain constant throughout the range of the mix control – exactly as I expect it is with effects such as delay or reverb. Presumably the mix controls are programmed to manage this on individual algorithms so the same should be done for the programme mix.

      I haven’t tested it extensively as I have only had my H90 for a few days, but I have a feeling that there is also an issue with the individual effect mix levels that is similar.

      There are a number of customers who are complaining about volume levels and I think that this is the source of the issue.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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