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      This is hardly a major problem, but i’d like to solve it nonetheless and i’m not sure how/why it started doing this out of the blue.  The state that the pedal is in as seen in the first pic is how i prefer it, mainly because it’s easier to read the name of the patch.  But for some reason i don’t know, when I re-power it up, it’s no longer in the state that it was in when i powered it down (see 2nd pic).  I can get it back to the display i prefer as seen in the first pic by simply hitting the Programs button, but why does it keep switching back every time i reboot, and how do i get it to stop doing this?

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      Hello Boynifel,

      The Programs button is used to enter a menu where you can search for Programs. It’s not one of the three play modes – Select, Bank, or Perform mode. The second image shows you are in Bank mode. If you press and hold the SELECT button, you’ll go from Bank mode to Select mode, which will display the name of the program similarly to your first image without needing to press the Programs button. The pedal will only boot up in the last mode you used; it will never boot up in any of the menus like Programs, Routing, Presets, or Parameters.

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        That was the fix, thanks for the quick response!  gotta love the easy ones, right?

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