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      I had a pretty good Octave setting for my 4 string on my old H9. Good (but not great) tracking etc.
      Unfortunately, with the H90, I have yet to find a great setting. The single note tracking on the G string, say, 4th fret, is particularly bad.
      I messed around with Poly Octave, good tracking, but just not the right sound. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and settings.

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      I’ve been looking for the same thing. My Lexicon MPX G2, a much older device, manages this perfectly.

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      Eventide Staff

      Do you have the Source Type of the H90 set to Bass? This is essential for the pitch tracker algorithms to work properly with a Bass.

      You can also try changing the instrument type in Polyphony from pitched to percussive to see how you like the sound/feel. Pitched is recommended for larger interval shifts.

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        Thanks for the reply. Yes, it’s set to bass. And thanks for the Poly tip. Not a huge difference, but good to know that info.
        It’s strange that poly tracks incredibly well, and the regular octaver, not so much. If I could get that same warm sound from the Poly,
        I would be all set, but that’s still hard to obtain. Any other tips for better tracking would be appreciated!

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