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      I recently got an H90.  WOW!!!  I am planning to add it to my pedal board, replacing my H9. Not having time and the H90 lack of Bluetooth / ios App has my plans on pause.

      H90 is a little wider but pretty sure I got enough room to move the Expression and Volume pedals a little futher apart.  Picture below is fairly current althought I did add a Disaster Area Micro between the switcher and the volume pedal.

      Anyone using an H90 on their pedal board?  178114845_1091665354674339_6309885934899657108_n

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      I do and I ended up buying a long usbc cable and a right angle adapter that I leave in the h90

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      I have a temple audio board and have a USB connection on the side of it.  So I run my USB pedals off of a hub under the board (so I only need to connect one USB cable to connect to all of the pedals).  It’s pretty convenient.

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