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      smell my mule

      I got a H90 delivered yesterday and just started playing around with it. It’s going to be a few days before I get to mess with the routing, but I wanted to see if the attached diagram is possible with the dual routing mode.


      I have a board that contains various drives and compressor pedals. I don’t want to run any of them before the H90. I also realize that I can just run them between Output 1 and my amp. I kind of want to avoid that if possible because if I used any of the H90 distortion algorithms, I’d like to run those after the signal goes through my board and then have the H90 do my PRE/POST splitting.


      Would the attached diagram work in dual routing or am I just stuck running my board between the H90 and my amp input? Thanks…


      H90 Flow

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      Eventide Staff


      What you are trying to do is only possible using Insert routing mode. When the H90 is in Dual mode, we do not have access to inserts, so you would have to place the drive board either before the H90 or after the H90. With Insert routing mode, you can use one insert for your drive board and the other insert for the FX loop of the amp. The only danger here is you must always maintain the loop to your amp active. Otherwise, you run the risk of breaking the signal chain. This diagram shows you how to connect your amp’s FX loop to the insert. You’re free to connect your drive board to the other insert. The cool thing is you can change the order of everything – algorithms or inserts – on a Program basis.

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      smell my mule

      Awesome, that’s perfect. Thank you so much!

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