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      The way I plan to use the H90 if I purchase is to create a bunch of programs in the H90 and trigger them with PC messages from either my Quad Cortex or KPA stage. Suppose the H90 is already on program change 22? If the H90 receives this message again, will it ignore it, or will it reset the H90 program and cut off my trails? My old H9 max WOULD cut off the trails, and reset the program if it received a PC message telling it to go to the program it was already on. Why it matters:

      Hypothetical: I have 8 SCENES (A through H) in a single preset on my Quad Cortex: I would like to use H90 program 22 (A light analogue delay and subtle hall reverb) with SCENES: A, B, E, F, and G. I want to use H90 program 25 (a more dense delay and reverb) on the other three SCENES: C,D and H. Each the 8 QC scenes will of course have different QC effect blocks turned on or off or whatever. I might use this QC preset with 8 SCENES as a “go-to” that I’ll use with many songs, which of course the order I use these 8 SCENES will vary from song to song. (One song might start with SCENES A and go back and with SCENE B and use SCENE H once; another song might go from A to D to G and back to A) Thus I need to program the QC to send program changes to the H90 on all 8 QC SCENES, not knowing the order I’ll use them. Thus, quite often the H90 will receive a message telling it to go to the PROGRAM it is already on, because there is no way to anticipate the order I’ll use the scenes from song to song. I could of course create dozens of duplicate QC presets just program the midi differently on each. Of course, if I do that, then when I inevitably want to tweak an effect block, I have to go to dozens of presets and make the same edit over and over.

      If it can’t do this simple thing, then consider it a feature request. This issue with the H9 max wasn’t a problem for the QC, the same challenge existed for the KPA, Helix or Boss ES-8, or any another such device where the H9 would be used in conjunction with other combinations of effects and controlled with midi. Any guitarist that hates tap dancing and wants to use multiple programs on the H9 or H90 in a single song could benefit from this feature.



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      Yes, the H90 will reload a Program if it receives a PC message for the Program that is already loaded. However, because of the Program spillover feature, it will not cutoff the trails of your effects.

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