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      Hi everyone,

      I’m trying to decide between a few different effects units. One non-negotiable feature for me is the ability to use a harmonizer and route each of the voice outputs to a different output jack where they can be processed differently by different effects chains.

      I don’t want the voices to be mixed inside the effect itself. Is this possible with the H90? The H90 is really appealing to me, but if I can’t do this, it won’t work for me.

      If there’s no way to separate out the voices, would it be possible to have two copies of the same quadravox effect running and have one output only, say voice B and another output voice C?


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      By default, QuadraVox voices A & C pan to the left, and voices B & D pan to the right.  Beyond the +/- 2 octave Pitch ranges, each voice can also be set to OFF.

      With two instances of QuadraVox in Parallel routing, Q/V1 Pitch Mix fully CW, and Q/V2 Pitch Mix fully CCW, voice B will route to Out 2, and voice C will route to Out 1.  Set voices A & C to OFF.

      If you only need the two voices, a similar Diatonic setup in Parallel will get you there.  You can (optionally) add Delay time & Feedback to each voice, with some unique routing effects.  In this case it would be voice A to Out 1 and Voice B to Out 2, with opposing Pitch Mix settings.

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