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      Another H90 easter egg – turn those delay algos into loopers.  Link to sound samples follows.

      Have fun!!


      With a) an external Envelope Follower (E-F) configured to send *inverted* MIDI signal in the range of 64-0 (ZOIA in my case), and b) an external latching/toggle switch configured to engage/enable that E-F:

      1) point the E-F/MIDI output at the “Repeats (M)” parameter – *i.e., the momentary repeats parameter* – of your chosen H90 delay algo (Band, Digital, et al).  When the E-F is engaged/active and is not passing audio signal, the H90 receives a high (64) MIDI signal.  H90 will act as if you’re holding down the Repeats (M) switch.  When the E-F is bypassed/disengaged, the MIDI signal will go low = 0.  H90 will act as if you’re released the Repeats (M) switch.  Effectively, you are *using the external E-F & toggle to latch/unlatch your momentary Repeats (M) param* (again, as long as no signal is being passed through the E-F).  Now for the fun…

      2a) Play…

      2b) …engage (toggle on) the E-F.  H90 will behave as if you are keeping your foot on the Repeats (M) switch, and the delay/pitch algo will infinitely repeat whatever material you just played into the buffer.  With the E-F still engaged and the algo infinitely repeating your sweet sounds…

      3) …play again.  *Signal passing through the active/engaged E-F will send an inverted MIDI signal (value between 0-63) to H90’s latched Repeats (M) param.  This will “unlatch” the Repeats (M) param*, allowing new material into the buffer for as long as signal is flowing through the E-F.  Once the signal through the E-F dissipates/stops, the MIDI signal will again go high (= 64), H90’s Repeats (M) param will re-latch, and the H90 algo will infinitely repeat with the newly added overdub material recorded into the buffer, as if your foot is holding the switch down again.  Rinse & repeat until the neighbors complain.

      Any of the H90 delay algos that include a “Repeats (M)” param are now *1.5-3.0 second duckable loopers with FX* which will a) endlessly repeat when no signal is sent through the E-F, and b) the repeats param will be ducked when signal is sent through the E-F, recording new material to the delay buffer.  Your shiny new *Repeats Param Loopers* ™ allow for looping the delay algos’ filtering, modulation, etc. without the type of signal degradation, buildup, potential for running away, etc. you get when using a similar control setup to latch an algo’s feedback param at 100%. If you’re into live looping, there is a lot of good clean fun to be had here…  if only the good souls at Eventide would bless us with longer max delay times in some of these algos (ala UltraTap’s 10sec max time).

      And FWIW, the control circuit described also works with the “Freeze (M)” parameter on those algos that have it.  Lots of fun to be had there too.


      00:00 Intro

      00:12 Example 1 – 2X Digital Delays, insert mode, parallel

      02:40 Example 2 – Band Delay & Reverse Delay, insert mode, parallel

      05:00 Example 3 – Reverse Delay (looped) & Crystals, insert mode, serial

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