H90 Routing: Is wet/dry possible in Insert Mode w/out using an insert tap?

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      Hey guys,

      Got an H90 recently, loving it. I’m definitely not committed to any particular way of using it yet in terms of routing, just exploring the possibilities. I’m using it with a Walrus ACS1 and potentially some other pedals, and just trying to think of the optimal way of setting up a versatile rig.

      So there are two obvious choices to me: 1) run the ACS1 fully after the H90 in stereo, or 2) place it in a stereo insert so that things like reverb/delay can be placed afterwards in the chain.

      Now personally, I’m not really dedicated to stereo effects, and I’m a fan of wet/dry routing for versatility and recording purposes. It’s just nice to have the main sound separated from your time-based effects, makes a lot of stuff easier and sounds great.

      So of course one option would be to run one side of the ACS1 in a mono insert and tap that signal out to my interface (or wherever), and then run the other side of the ACS1 into the 2nd mono insert which returns to the H90, allowing me to run full-wet effects after that sound.

      But this got me thinking. Is it possible via some combination of internal mixing/panning settings to achieve this without having to have one side of the ACS1 leave the H90? Is there some way to use parallel routing to, say, have a full-wet reverb on one path that only sends to H90 output 1, whereas output 2 acts like the dry side (or vice versa)?

      The reason this would be interesting to me is that, if this were possible, I could run the ACS1 fully after the H90 and use the mono inserts for other pedals, such as overdrive or fuzz.

      Anyway, thanks for bearing with me on this! I’m also wondering if maybe I’m just overthinking the whole thing, so if anybody sees a flaw in my goals or has a good reason why this is pointless, feel free to point it out.

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      Eventide Staff

      It’s not possible to have a full-wet reverb on one path that only sends to H90 output 1, and a dry signal on output 2. When using Insert Routing, the physical input/output connections determine if the algs run in mono or stereo, or mono in > stereo out etc. Most of the algorithms have predefined L/R panning, with the exception of some newer algorithms that have panning parameters.

      You can use parallel routing along with a mono or stereo insert to tap the signal path and send it to output 3 or 4, with or without FX processing.

      Some examples of wet/dry routing are shown here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.5.2/content/setup/wet-dry.html#wet-dry-examples

      Since the ACS1 can run different amp/cabs in the L/R channels, I think using each side as 2 mono insert’s in the H90 could have some great results.

      The best thing you can do is experiment with different configurations and see what you like.

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