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      I currently have my H90 running in dual mode as I wish to run each preset separately as each each effect is fed from a different mono source. I’d ideally like the H90 to just use 1 stereo output but it seems this routing is unavailable.

      eg. I have from my Analog Rytm Clap into effect A using mono input 1. I have AR Hats going into effect B using mono input 3. Analog Rytm on has one stereo effect return so it would be really nice if I could route both effects to stereo output 1/2.

      Is there a way to route them this way using insert mode?

      I currently have 2x H90s set up as effect sends from the Rytm routed back into it using a Behringer rack line mixer but it would be great if I could get rid of two of those sets of stereo cables.

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      Check out this video. Using the H90 in Insert mode as a mixer might be the solution you’re looking for.


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