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      I finally found time to set up Hot Switches and something I urgently wanted to do was use them with SpaceTime to change reverb level and switch in delay on demand. I have to say it works flawlessly. A brilliant facility and simple to use (if at first appearing unintuitive).

      So now I have SpaceTime set up Iā€™m realising is that neither the reverb type nor the delay are as pristine as I would have like. I wonder if either a) we could have a choice of reverb and delay types in SpaceTime or b) if we can have more Multi algorithms? For me an SP2016 reverb with a simple Digital Delay would sound great and keep me very happy. I can live without modulation if I have to.

      The H90 has raised the bar somewhat and with so many great effects it seems a shame to not be able to combine them with a more modern sounding Multi algorithm for both reverb and delay.

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