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      I am feeding a stereo signal into an H90 (using inputs 1 and 2).  I’m noticing that only 1 side of the stereo signal is being processed by the H90.  I would expect the H90 to process both sides of a stereo signal… Is there a setting or something in the pedal that I am potentially missing?

      Thank you in advance for the help,



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      There are no settings you need for the H90 to process in stereo. As long as you are connecting the H90’s inputs/outputs in stereo, the processing will be in stereo.

      Certain algorithms need to sum to mono, perhaps that is what you are experiencing?

      If you use a simple algorithm like Digital Delay, you should be able to hear the L/R signal by using the algorithm’s Delay Mix parameter.


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      Hi, which algorythm need to sum the input to mono?

      And also somewhat related, it seem that the polyphony and polyFlex sum the input to mono but if I keep the mix to 0 (dry), the signal seems to still be summed to mono, is that correct or is there a way to get a stereo signal thru thoes algorythms?

      Thank you very much.

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        Eventide Staff

        Sorry, I do not have a list of algorithms that sum to mono at the moment, but that is something we could provide in the future.

        Polyphony and PolyFlex will both sum to mono, and the algorithm’s wet/dry mix at 0 will still result in mono summing. You can use the Program mix parameter instead to preserve the stereo image of the original signal.

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      A few people (including myself) have asked this. See also this post: https://www.eventideaudio.com/forums/topic/question-about-stereo-out-with-mono-inserts

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