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      Pardon for asking this question, but I cannot easily find it in the manual and Google / Search bar isn’t helping.

      I want to hook up my H90 to my patch bay at all times. 2 Stereo In (1+2, 3+4), and 2 Stereo Out(1+2, 3+4) in Dual Mode was the idea. Occasionally I have to patch a mono source into 1, but because of H90 routing, it only outputs Stereo if I disconnect input 2. This would be “smart” if I didn’t want it 24/7 connected to my patch bay.


      Any ideas? I guess maybe the obvious answer would be a Y cable for the patch bay to split the mono source stereo before the H90 (I think that would work), but I’m open to other options / solutions or there might be a setting I am missing.


      Thank you!

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi waythor,

      The H90 is only able to adjust its mono or stereo operation based on the output connections. In Dual mode, connecting from Out 1 and Out 3 will provide mono signals. There is no software-based option to force the output to operate in mono.

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